Health Days 2023

Be kind to your body and mind

The Health Days took place on the EPFL and University of Lausanne (UNIL) campus between 2 and 13 October 2023. As illustrated in the poster, the event aims to highlight the close, dynamic relationship between physical and mental health, and on why taking care of our body and mind is so important to maintaining inner balance and harmony.

This event was organized by EPFL’s Mental Health & Well-Being Task Force, the Service Sport Santé UNIL + EPFL and UNIL. The two-week program was intended for all members of the EPFL and UNIL communities, and it was entirely free of charge.

The program included a drama performance, talks and panel discussions addressing key topics such as eco-anxiety, the emotional aspects of sustainability, emotional intelligence, the concept of happiness, and how breathing, movement and a healthy diet can impact our well-being. A special symposium was held to mark the formal opening of the EPFL Synapsy Center for Neuroscience and Mental Health Research.

There were introductory sessions on mindful meditation and high-intensity outdoor training, as well as workshops on managing stress, getting active and recharging your batteries through movement and exercise, setting personal boundaries and goals, and working or studying as someone with autism spectrum disorder.

Meanwhile, the Health Village hosted stands throughout the event, offering visitors free basic health check-ups and tests (mobility, anthropometry and cardiovascular health).

By providing members of both communities with the information they need to build healthy behaviors into their daily routines, the Health Days aim to foster an environment where everyone can live well and achieve their full potential.